Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bambu Hostel: Existential Angst? Or who are we?

First of all I send New Years Greeting to all that read this! A better time is coming, we have arrived!

Bambu Hostel in David Panama is many things. But the first important thing to thing about is that we are less than 6 months old, and really the 'hard' opening occurred after construction of our Pool was completed in Late August 2008. Running a Hostel is a learning curve. Most of the people that come through really love the place, it has a very tolerant atmosphere that allows for people to have a good time, i mean a great time! But we are now learning that we have to have a certain amount of rules to keep the whole place flowing right..for example, we had no curfew for the music, now it has to be turned down after 11PM. That is for the benefit of neighbors and guests..we will make some exceptions for weekend parties. We did get some negative feedback about the place it read:

"The guy is just starting out.. 3 months now.. it's a nice place to stay without lot's of rules.. but they do lack the experience and discipline other hostels do have. They have to start run the place instead of being everybody's friend. "

That is very fair, and we took a lesson from that. But there is a fine line of running a tight ship and creating a place that feels to controlled, too many rules, thats not fun..

Gregg and i are both types of guys that have always played life with our own rules, one can argue that the rules help or hinder..either way backpackers on the road need to relax and have fun. We are striking that delicate balance at Bambu, that allows one to have fun, listen to some music, dance or drum.. without trampeling on the rights of others to have peace if they want that.