Sunday, December 14, 2008

Summer Time and the living is easy (in Panama)

Summertime finally has arrived at bambu hostel in David Panama. What does summer mean in Panama. First it means that the rains have mostly stopped. Panama has a long rainy season from May-November. In Panama they don't say rainy season, they say 'green season' or dry season, which is summer. At the Hostel our new Pool is the center of attention. For some reason we seem to popular in the early summer months with Girls from Finland. These Finish ladies travel in groups of 3-6 and are fair-skinned sun worshippers. It must be ungodly cold in Finland now!
We also just opened our bar which unveiled a few challenges. The first is the challenge of a drunk backpacker. I called Gregg last week (I'm still in woodstock) Gregg who lives in Panama year round suffers through a nearly 24 hour job these days. The other night he was fast asleep when he awoke to see what he thought was a drunk backpacker in his room. Gregg yelled at him to get out of his room at which point the guy picked up greggs little dog Izzy and tossed him on to gregg's bed. Gregg was not happy and pushed the guy out of the room. When he got up a few hours later he saw that the bar had suffered some damage, a broken speaker wire and broken glass.

Later when the australians awoke he sat down with them and asked them what was going on. Apparently the 7 foot tall Aussie suffered from a severe form of sleepwalking and had done the damage and gone into gregg's room all while asleep!

Gregg should get some kind of award. He is really amazing he never loses his temper and treats all the guests even the more challenging ones with tremendous respect.

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