Sunday, November 23, 2008

Last night there was terrible flooding in the boquete area of chiriqui, early reports are of up to 6 deaths, bridges out and lots of people left homeless. Here is a more or less first hand account that i recieved on an expat forum

"Last night there was a sound that was like a roaring, like when summer winds are blowing. It turned out to be a horrible flood of the Chiriqui river. The bridges up to Cerro Punta are out. Many people have been lost to the flooding and houses lost, too.

Help is needed for all those affected. The catholic church in Paso Ancho is accepting donations of blankets, food, diapers, clothes, etc. There are people being housed there, too. I am sure all of the churches up here would be greatful for any and all donations." There are photos of the destruction on line and less than a week ago there was an earthquake in the same area that registered 6.3
I also wonder how and why these natural disasters occur in pairs like this.

Meanwhile at the hostel last night (11/22) a large group showed up at the hostel workers for an upcoming presidential campaign..they were due to stay one night but are now stuck there as bridges and roads in the bocas del toro province are currently impassable, so the hostel is full for the first time since we opened in July, Gregg is working hard as is benny..

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